17 September 2012

Getting annoyed at Blogger.

Every so often Google redesigns something. As is their right, on their websites. They like to throw a bunch of new bells and whistles on it. Trouble is, when you’re using dial-up Internet at your mom’s house, it takes two minutes to download each bell, and the whistles… well, your web browser just give up on downloading the whistles altogether.

So they reprogrammed Blogger, and if I want to post a rant, it takes eight minutes to download the very page I get to type it on. Once you’re there, if you try to post it, because it won’t post fast enough for Blogger’s comfort (it being dial-up, you know) I’ll get error messages. And you know that’s just something I’m gonna want to rant about. Hence, this mini-rant.

Yes, I totally agree I should be using a normal-speed Internet instead of dial-up. This is the 21st century after all. Still, it’s like telling someone who’s on a bicycle, “You know, you’d get there a lot quicker with a motorcycle.”

Yes I know I’d get there a lot quicker with a motorcycle. You’re not helping, Mr. Hypothetical Voice In My Head. Shut up. This is why I never listen to you when you tell me to kill.