21 July 2012

Okay, a spoiler policy.

Despite my warning that I was gonna give away the plot of Atlas Shrugged, somebody read it, and was irritated that I gave away the plot. Guess that’ll teach you not to skim through my rants.

I don’t worry about spoilers, myself. I don’t like surprises. Sometimes I want to know the ending, so I’ll go find it. Fr’instance, I haven’t seen The Dark Knight Rises yet. But I’ve heard some folks say it wasn’t as good as The Dark Knight. So I wanted to see what the fuss was about, so I popped over to its Wikipedia page and read the plot. Wikipedia gives away endings. Yeah, there are a few surprises in the movie, which I suppose the director wanted me to see in the theater. Well, tough: I wanted to know about ’em now. Now I do.

Does that ruin the movie for me? Nah. People re-watch good movies all the time, despite knowing the endings, because they’re good movies. If The Dark Knight Rises is a good movie (and some reviewers claim it is; just not as good as The Dark Knight) knowing the ending in advance makes no difference. I’ll still watch it.

Eventually. I’m not putting up with the weekend movie crowds.

My spoiler policy, which I guess I’ll spell out here, is this: If it’s a brand-new book, movie, TV show, or whatever, I don’t give away the ending. Usually ’cause I haven’t seen it myself yet. When new things are released, I feel under no obligation to jump. I’ll get to it when I feel like it. But still, for a few months anyway, I won’t leak the ending unless you ask.

After that point, I’ll do as I usually do: I’ll warn you I’m giving away the ending, then give away the ending. If you don’t want to hear it, tell me immediately. If you don’t want to read it, stop reading.

To be blunt: Atlas Shrugged is a 55-year-old book. Complaining that I gave away the ending makes you sound like an idiot. You haven’t read it yet? Well, lots of people haven’t. They either don’t care to read it—or they do, but they’ve been procrastinating forever, because they heard it was crap. And yes the philosophy is crap, but the story’s okay. Still: It’s a 55-year-old book. I should be able to give away the ending on any book that’s older than I am.